Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I make art, videogames, and web experiments. Have fun.

This website has been tested and works with LibreJS.

Oh, and I have a blog.

Things I made

scrab ()

Have you ever played Scrab®? This is the product of a Rust program generating "perfect" Scrab games.

It plays against itself on an empty Scrab board until it runs out of letters or otherwise can't play anymore. Every turn is optimized for getting the most points possible.

stormy weather ()

A feeling of peace and wonder. A gentle breeze and the neverending sky all around you. Night and day pass in the blink of an eye.

This is a recycling of a cellular automaton concept I've used several times before, both in published and unpublished works.

fractal thing ()

A Mandlebrot fractal generator that uses Web Workers to quicken the rendering. Quite slow.

glitch thing ()

Combines a bunch of images together to make a somewhat visually interesting glitchy aggregation of images.

grid thing ()

Red wants to go to blue, blue wants to go to green, and green wants to go to red. Here's what happens.

tile game ()

An old game loosely inspired by Impasse (archive.org link, original site seems to be down). Although the code is old and probably full of bad practices, it is still my biggest project to date.