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Gender selection form

Just to be clear: this is not a dig at the concept of preferred pronouns, it's just an experiment on how specific you can take the customization! Be good

Welcome to the gender selection form! No field is required, you can always skip to the next page. No data is actually sent anywhere.

Part 1: binary

Please select your gender

Part 2: bare minimum

Please select your gender

Part 3: no

Please do not select your gender

We don't care about your gender, just do you

Part 4: language

Please select your preferred pronouns

Pick any that apply and we'll use them in rotation.

Please pick your preferred honorifics (titles)

Part 5: perspectives

Legal and administrative gender

Interpersonal gender

Personal gender

Part 6: sliders

Part 7: Freeform

Part 8: quality

Please enter an honest review of your current gender out of five:

Part 9: physical


Do you have chromosomes?

Select which sex chromosomes you have:


Genitals Let's not even go there

Physical appearance

Which of these clothes are you currently wearing?

Part 10

Part 11

This is the most important question, please pay attention.

Which toys did you play with as a child?

The end

Your gender is:

βœ”οΈ Valid (100.00% correct answers)

If you'd like to return your gender or get it repaired, please contact your nearest patriarchy representative.